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Spike Run Cycle V1


This is my first time working with spike. Also, first time working a with bipedal model. Anyways I hope you like it =). There will be two files. One with keyframe and the final one. So, if want to use the keyframe in any other way XD. Gif clip a little bit. I forgot the mention the model breaks a little in armpit area, I'll do my best to hide it somehow.

You must use [SFM/DL] SFM-IK Spike or the animation will not work.

Trony pack v1 0 by srick91 d5udm60
TRONY Packs (v1)
by Srick91
Score: 1 · about 2 years ago
Pony gallop cycle  sfm resource  by pacificpenguin d6a0nop
Female Run Cycle (Medium)
by Not registered
Score: 3 · about 2 years ago
2041b9ecfbd2d0e404a20133a20c6be2 d60j6vw
Female Walk Cycle (Slow)
by Not registered
Score: 1 · about 2 years ago
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