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Sugar Cube Corner interior

  • Score: 5

This is the interior to the first floor of sugar cube corner along with a display and 2 tables made by Disco Pears back around the time they made the other interior assets like the boutique and flutter's cottage.

To be honest, it should have been released and shared these when it was all first made but the person I was in the past refused to let it go. I've wanted to release it for around a year or two now but I struggled with my old habits. Regardless it's released now.

I hope all of you can get some good use out of it and I'm sorry I held onto it for so long.

SC interior refrencerigged
M cashier counter
M candy counter
K counter

Maps (BSP): 1
Materials (VMT): 18
Models (MDL): 4
Sounds (WAV): 0
Textures (VTF): 18