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ReVAmped R63 Pack (SFW)

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Happy Pride Month!
I've been planning a release of Bubble Berry and Butterscotch for a little while, but decided as Pride Month approached to extend that to the mane 6, plus Sunset, Starlight, and Trixie. So that's 9 ponies!

The characters are all named by their R63 names within the pack. Here's the list in case you're unsure:
Twilight Sparkle - Dusk Shine
Pinkie Pie - Bubble Berry
Pinkamena Diane Pie - Bubblini Davinci Berry
Rarity - Elusive
Applejack - Applejake
Fluttershy - Butterscotch
Rainbow Dash - Rainbow Blitz
Starlight Glimmer - Stellar Gleam
Sunset Shimmer - Sunset Glare
Trixie - Tristan

A big thanks as always goes out to the modellers - my role here was mainly assembly, retexturing, and other bumf like that.
The Revamped base is by AeridicCore.
The Tristan, Stellar, and Sunset manes were made by BeardedDoomGuy.
The Applejake and Rainbow Blitz manes/tails were made by Benno950
The Bubble Berry, Elusive, Butterscotch, and Dusk Shine manes/tails were made by Jade-McCoy on FurAffinity (Aka Yoksaharat on DeviantArt.)
The Bubblini mane was "made" by me - by janking a couple of manes in the Revamped Source Factory together.

This is the SFW version, and includes cowified variants!

NOTE: This model includes common shared textures, but I'd still suggest installing the main Pony pack here, or install the Shared Assets pack here. Or install both! Rigs and other useful stuff will only be updated in the Common Assets page.


Silkworm Owner 24 days ago

@Rockstar_hedgehog The Derpibooru tag is Sunset Glare, so that's what I've gone with.

Rockstar_hedgehog 25 days ago

Actually male Sunset's male name is Sundown

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